Pastor Jay

Monday, April 25, 2011

Only Jesus!!

I am sitting in the den tonight with my family listening to the sounds of booming thunder and large rain drops falling on the sliding back glass. The lightening is flashing every few seconds and my children are on edge because the loud tornado sirens are going off every few minutes. The thoughts have come to my mind that inspite of how bad these storms are, there is a greater power in Jesus Christ. When I see the evidence of the exsisting storm, it reminds me of the storms in life that I have faced time and time again. The Lord Jesus has been with me through every battle and every storm that me and my family have faced. In Mathew 14 we find Jesus's disciples on a ship in the middle of a terrible storm. The wind was blowing and the small ship was being tossed about in the raging waters, the waves were crashing and the disciples cried out with fear. The scripture tells us in verse 26 that Jesus came walking to them on the sea. The disciples were troubled because they thought they had seen a spirit approaching them, but when Jesus spoke to them he said (BE OF GOOD CHEER, IT IS I BE NOT AFRAID) The Peter was commanded by the Lord to walk out to where Jesus was and he did as he was told. In the midst of the storm Peter had an experience with Christ that no other man has been able to do. Peter walked on the water,but when he took his eyes off Jesus he began to sink. In the moment of great despair,  Peter shouted "LORD SAVE ME" !!!!!  Jesus stretched out his hand and pulled Peter up and together they walked on the water back to the boat. Then in verse 32 the wind ceased as they returned to the ship, and the other disciples began to worship the Lord Jesus Christ.  Only Jesus can turn your storm into a time of worship, Only Jesus can turn your trial into a supernatural encounter with God, Only Jesus can save you when your drowning in fear, Only Jesus can speak to your winds and waves and cause them to cease. Only Jesus can help when you shout "Save Me"   ONLY JESUS!!