Pastor Jay

Friday, January 30, 2015

Jesus is still the answer!!

Its been a long time since I have posted anything on my blog, and I honestly can say that I have missed it. My family and I are still pastors of Newport Pentecostal Church of God and I am thankful to be able to call it my home. Since my last post there have been many battles, storms and trials that we have faced and I wish that I could say that each one turned out for the best, There are many battle scars, sleepless nights, tears shed, but also some of the greatest victories have been won and the largest giants have been defeated. I have one central theme in my spirit today and its the title of this blog. "Jesus is still the answer" 
The Lord has been so good to me and my family that I can shout just knowing that God has brought us through. The enemy has tried his best to kill, steal, and destroy, but today I'm still standing because of Jesus. He is my rock, my fortress, and in him will I trust. This past year I have seen multiple people saved, healed from all manner of sickness, demons cast out, multiple people baptized in the Holy Ghost, and many other miracles that Jesus has done. Every day is an opportunity to see what God is gonna do next for and through his people. The church is growing each week, with new faces and new life. We have placed new people in various positions in our church to carry forth ministries like Sunday School, Men's & Ladies Ministry, Youth and Children's Ministry, and more than one of our associate ministers are going to receive their credentials with the Pentecostal Church of God. I am excited that God is doing a great work at Newport PCG. One of the greatest things that we have seen in our church is the opening of Impact Youth Center where there is a youth worship service every Friday night. Each of our teens that attends regularly to these services have been baptised in the Holy Ghost and our goal is to see each teen filled with the same power and also to outreach to other teens in the community. Jesus is still the answer!
In closing today I want to encourage those that are still in the battle to keep standing on the promises of God, because the Lord knows how to bring you out of your circumstance. You may have made mistakes and even failed God (I know I have) but you are not the only one that has fallen short. Keep your eyes on the cross of Jesus Christ and he will see you through. I will be writing more often, so please check back as often as you can. If you live in the Newport area and are looking for a Full Gospel, Spirit-filled, Pentecostal Church, then please visit us this week at Newport PCG. We are located at 205 Ray St. (Behind the former USA Drug) you may also visit us on our website at There is also a youtube channel with our messages from our services, just go to and search Newport PCG. I pray that you will be blessed, Jesus is still the answer!!