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Monday, March 7, 2011

Sometimes Life Just Happens


      I was thinking about my life and the experiences that I have faced through the years and many of those were some of the best that I could ever ask for. In light of this post, I also want to say that there have been many hardships that I have faced in my past that brought me to where I am today in my relationship with Jesus Christ. Sometimes Life Happens!! There have been some things in my life that caused me to hang on to Jesus with everything I had. I will say to all that read this, there will be a time when the only solution to your circumstance is Jesus Christ. There will be times when your best friend wont have the answer, the prayer team is not available, the Pastor is tied up and the only thing you have is your relationship with God.
      I am reminded in the book of 2 Kings Chapter 4, a widow woman had lost her husband, and he was one of the son's of the prophets under the leadership of the prophet Elisha. She called for Elisha to help her and in the Old Testament if a person wanted to hear from God then it came through the voice of the prophet. There wasn't a bible sitting on the bookshelf or a website to log on to for help. As a matter of fact, the creditors had come to take away her sons to be slaves and work off the debt that was left be her husband. Sometimes Life Happens!! The woman did what she knew to do, she turned to God in a time of crisis. Elisha asked, "what do you have in thine house" she replied that all she had was a pot of oil. A pot of oil represented the presence of God (The Holy Spirit). Sometimes my friend all you have to rely on is the presence of God in your life. Elisha told her to go and borrow vessels from all the neighbors and bring them in the house and shut the door with her family. My friend, as a child of God you will have days when you need to shut off all of the outside influence and get in a prayer closet and shut the door, where its just you and God. Elisha told her to pour out the oil in the vessels, and she did as the prophet told her (Obedience ) and began to fill those vessels from only a small pot of oil. As long as there was an empty vessel, then there was a flow of the oil (spirit). To those who will empty themselves out of this world, then God will always pour out his spirit into your life. God is looking for a vessel to put his spirit into, are you a vessel that God can use. Sometimes life happens and you will find yourself  in a place when you just need God and nothing else.
     What I love about this bible text is that the woman took the oil and paid her debt, provided for her house, kept her sons from being slaves. What this is telling us is that in Christ there is freedom for your family, food on the table, shelter over your head, joy in your heart, salvation for your soul. All you need is in the oil (His Presence). Sometimes Life Happens!!

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