Pastor Jay

Thursday, March 7, 2013

"No One Left Behind"
Its been over a year since my last blog, and I apologize for the long delay. My family and I have been through so much this past year, and I am so thankful to know that Jesus walked beside us every step of the way. My friends, we are entering into a season of change in the ministry, and in our personal lives.With the everchanging society and culture that we live in, the church needs to prepare for the greatest manifestation of God's power that this generation has ever seen or ever known. The time is soon approaching for the Rapture or Ressurection of the church, and we will forever be with the Lord Jesus Christ. This has been stirring in my heart for some time, that many in the church world today aren't really prepared for the rapture and just as important, they dont know how to truly lean on Jesus Christ to supply their needs.
Our country is on a downhill spiral of apostasy, and the time is fast approaching when people great and small will have to know how to trust the Lord with every aspect of their life. Its time that we get prepared to meet Jesus with our lives, just being half committed to the Lord will cause us to be slothful, and lukewarm in  reguards to our relationship with the Lord. Jesus is coming back for his Bride, not a girlfriend, or an acquaintance, or a good friend. A blood bought, spirit-filled, on fire, rapture-ready church whose eyes are on Christ and whose message is Christ and him Crucified!!
At Newport PCG, we have adopted a new soul-winning campaign called "No One Left Behind"  I am so excited about the moving and operation of the Holy Spirit thats moving in our ministry and the people are getting ready to meet Jesus. I encourage every Christian to deposit this in your heart, that we need to use all means necessary to win souls for Jesus Christ. Its our calling and commission to do all we can to make sure that there is "No One Left Behind". If you are reading this and you know that you are not ready to meet the Lord, then please contact us through our website or even better, come to church this Sunday or Wednesday and experience for your self the life-changing power of our Lord Jesus Christ!     May God Bless You!  Pastor Jay

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