Pastor Jay

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Real Jesus!!

     I want to introduce myself to anyone who may read this blog. My name is Jay and I am a pastor of a Pentecostal Church in Northeast Arkansas, and its my desire to share the message of Jesus Christ with hurting people. That may sound easy, but in a generation where people have turned their back on the concept that God exsists and many of those that do believe and confess to follow Christ, have a dim view of the real Jesus. Our culture has made God out to be some untouchable force that is ready to judge you on the spot and condemn you to hell for not measuring up to certain standards, all the while others have made God out to be the get out of jail free card when trouble comes. The real Jesus is so in Love with his creation that he gave his own life to free us from the chains of sin. I have come to realize that I have never been able to measure-up, or even come close to earning any kind of merit or favor with God. The real Jesus has given me abundant life not because I have done anything, but because he is merciful and his grace endures forever.
    The real Jesus is not only interested in saving us from the pitts of Hell, but he also has paid for my healing. Healing comes in many different ways and forms, sometimes it comes instantly and other times its a process that moves forward slowly. The Lord can heal cancer and other sickness just as easy as he can heal a broken heart or a troubled spirit. The real Jesus will always offer a peace that passes all understanding. In conclusion, Jesus changed my life and I want everyone to know that he will change yours if you will simply ask him to take charge!! THE REAL JESUS LOVES YOU!!

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