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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Newport needs is a Spiritual Awakening!!

I am writing today about some things that are in my spirit, about the city of Newport, Arkansas. First of all my thoughts and feelings are from my perspective as a Christian and they are just my opinions.  I grew up and went to school here as a Greyhound and I am proud to be living back here in Newport. I have lived in areas in Arkansas the past few years since graduation, that are known to be growing and prospering by leaps and bounds. I lived in Rogers, AR (NorthWest Arkansas), as well as seven years in Jonesboro, AR. These other places I have mentioned, if we will be honest,  have a lot more to offer in reguards to jobs, recreation, shopping, entertainment, etc. I want to say that all of these things are not what makes a community. There is something about the small town life that is special to those that live here. Unfortunately, it seems that many young people after high-school leave Newport pursuing their dreams and never look back. What if dreams could come to pass right here in Newport, what if people were trying to move in here because this was the place to be, and what if young people wanted to stay and raise their families here.
     I truly believe this with all my heart, that what Newport really needs is a Spiritual Awakening, a move of God like this city has never seen before.  You see its the will of God that a Child of God should prosper and be in good health. (3John1:1) The answer it not more businesses and factories, or getting people to support its local businesses. Those things are good in itself, but what this town needs is to allow Jesus Christ to reign as king and Lord in every aspect of life. The first thing is that the churches need to come to a place and realize that we need to work together for the kingdom of God and not be so divided, after all when we get to heaven there is one church, not a bunch of denominations. Its time to look at ourselves and if we claim to be children of God, then lets not live double standards. The church needs to be a living example of what it means to be Christ-like.  A lady in our church is new to the Newport area, when she moved in, a neighbor invited her to the church they attended. That was great, but the neighbor also made this statement, "Everybody who is Anybody goes to the ___________ church. What a foolish reason to attend a church or ministry. When we as Christians get it into our head that ITS ALL ABOUT JESUS, then we will have an Awakening to sweep through our land.
     I had a vision of the Holy Spirit as it was hovering over our county and as soon as people crossed our county line, people could actually feel the presence of God and chains of sin, addiction, depression, anger, bitterness, unforgivness, pornography, homosexuality, drugs, alchohol, etc. these chains of darkness would fall off them because of the strong presence of God. The bible says the yoke is broken, because of the annointing.(Isaiah 10:27) Imagine a city where the drug dealers were saved and the addicts were set free. A place were Christians love one another and live for God as if today was their last day to live. I imply that if the people in our town would make welcome the Holy Spirit to have full control of your life, job, family, finances, problems, good things, and bad things, we will see a difference in the atmosphere in which we live. If we as a community would let God move, then he would bring the jobs, business, and the Lord would strengthen the local economy and people will truly rush to move to our city. We have some wonderful and loving people people in Newport but that alone is not enough for a turn around, the answer is Jesus. Its time for moms and dads to teach our young people how to pray and seek God. Lets teach our young people that they dont have to be ashamed to worship God and put Jesus first.
     In closing, I say that I am not not trying to offend anyone or criticize our town in anyway. But the Lord has shown me through prayer that Jesus wants to do a great work here and move this town forward, if we will simply allow him full control. The church needs to be the church of the bible, and begin to reach souls for the kingdom of God. If we as a people will fall on our face befor the Lord and invite him, then he will begin to bless Newport in a way that we have never seen before. Life changing power, that heals the sick, opens blinded eyes, raises the dead, cast out devils, saves the lost, this power will be so prevelant that people we never be the same.  What Newport needs is a Spirtual Awakening!!!

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